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Linda Kincaid and Richard Calhoun are among Elder Abuse and Fraud advocates were honored at this year's Warren Publishing Groups Older Americans Month Reception. ABC10 in Sacramento will air a 5-day investigative report on “The Price of Care: Investigating California Conservatorships".  This report is the most extensive coverage of conservatorship from any major media outlet. Linda Kincaid and Richard Calhoun worked with reporters for months to bring this project to fruition.  Linda and Richard are featured in the promo trailer.

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Congratulations to Antoinette Warren for her appointment to the California’s Public Utilities Commission Deaf and Disabled and Telecommunications Program.

Antoinette will be giving invaluable input regarding limitations of hearing, vision, speech, cognition, and mobility for seniors. The DDTP overall mission is to provide access to FREE basic telephone service for Californians who have difficulty using the telephone.

Warren Publishing raises awareness on
Elder Abuse and Fraud


As of 2018, 52 million people in the U.S. were over the age of 65. Nearly 1 in 10 of these people suffer from elder abuse every year, according to some estimates. Elder abuse takes many forms, including physical injuries, financial exploitation, and even sexual battery. - from

Report Elder Abuse

  1. Call 911 and Talk to Police

  2. Call Adult Protective Services 510-577-1900

  3. Call 24 Hr. Elder Abuse Hot Line:                  1-866-225-5277

WP also recommends The Guardians which exposes extreme abuse within the Guardianship and Conservatorship system.

Schedule a viewing for your community. Watch the Trailer Now!

Remembering the Real Martin Luther King: Forgive us, Lord

Article by J. ALFRED SMITH | JANUARY 12, 2022

Schools and streets have been named after Martin Luther King Jr. Churches and libraries are named after him. He is the only African American and the only American clergy honored with a national holiday. In many countries around the world, he is numbered with global heroes like Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.

Some discredited him by calling him a communist, a detractor and troublemaker. Sophisticated ideological historians are deconstructing his history in order to distort the powerful truth of his ministry. Those who pass laws against teaching Critical Race Theory are making sure that present and coming generations will not learn as Professor Cornel West said, that King’s universal religious commitments led him to internationalize the American ideals of democracy, freedom and equality.  read more here...







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