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Our Mission Renewing Life’s Possibilities

Renew E-Newsletter, published trimonthly, focuses on delivering content of interest to a mature audience. Individuals 50 and over are the fastest growing segment of the American population, and control 70% of all the nation’s wealth. This audience lives longer. Their lifestyles, motivations, and focus on health are different from the preceding generation.


Renew E-Newsletter provides content to mirror the interest of this unique generation with topics supporting historical facts, inspiration, motivation, vitality, health, and other areas which will constantly encourage the mature to “Renew Life’s Possibilities”.

Why Advertise

The mission of Renew E-Newsletter is to provide quality content, focused on renewing life’s possibilities. The relationship we have with our readers enhances the reader’s receptivity to the advertiser’s message.

The Mature Marketplace 

  • Brings in $2 trillion in annual income

  •  Has more disposable income than any other age group 

  • Spends 74% more on vacations than any other age group

  •  Purchases 41% of new cars

Distribution Where To Find Us

Renew E-Newsletter distributes over 5000 copies online, through multiple forms of social media. The E-Newsletter is posted for viewers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and by Mailchimp. It is accessible to anyone, anywhere that has access to these forms of social media. These forms of social media are perfect for advertising events such as job fairs, Zoom webinars, sales on certain goods, and services that your business provides.

Download the Renew Magazine Media Kit, and contact a sales representative today,


Take your advertising to a "Booming Marketplace"

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