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Dear Mary Ellen

Life's experiences along with aging and time have a unique way of allowing  us wisdom and knowledge that only this process can provide. But doesn't mean we aren't faced with those burning questions we're too embarrassed to ask our family and friends, or just need an objective opinion. We encourage all readers and supporter's of "Renewing Life's Possibilities" to simply "Ask Mary Ellen".  

Questions received we'll anonymously post and answer in our magazine, on our website and social media pages, while also encouraging comments and feedback from our Renewing community.

About Mary Ellen Jones

Mary Ellen Jones is the published author of the novel, The Corporate Plantation - The Struggle Continues. Mary Ellen Jones is a corporate survivor.  After twenty-two years of corporate service, she escaped, "The Corporate Plantation" and wrote her first novel. She firmly believes that one must fiercely chase the throbbing inclination everyone posesses to accomplish that ever-present dream. That urge to accomplish serves to revive the spirit and renew the soul. Accomplish. Accomplish. Accomplish!

Mary Ellen felt compelled to unleash intimate marital tips in her second book, A Letter To My Daughters - The Letter I wish I had Received, a self help manual, dedicated to off-set the alarming number of failed marriages.

She and her novel, The Corporate Plantation - The Struggle Continues, were featured on the NBC Television Show, Bay Area Vista. In 2011, Mary Ellen was honored by the Writers Resource Center of Solano County for publishing her marriage keepsake, A Letter To My Daughters - The Letter I Wish I Had Received.

Mary Ellen is active in church activities and enjoys life with her husband and best friend, Gerald. They have been married for forty-seven years and have two adult daughters.

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